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President Biden, Trump Duh The first debate if you can stand to watch it. Let me count the ways
US Senator Martha McSally, Mark Kelly Mark Kelly The debate Martha McSally moved away from her moderate pragmatic past and has become a full-on Trumper.
US Rep Congress District 9 Greg Stanton, Dave Giles Greg Stanton The Debate David Giles is not a serious candidate and has no chance of winning.
State Senate District 26 Jae Chin, Juan Mendez Jae Chin Jae Chin’s backstory Mendez is ambitious but has gone pretty far left to the extent I’m not sure what he’s doing in the legislature. And Jae Chin has an interesting story.
State Rep District 26 Bill Loughrige, Seth Sifuentes, Melody Hernandez, Athena Salman Seth Sifuentes, Athena Salman A brief summary of the candidates from ASU State Press Loughrige is too conservative, Hernandez too inexperienced. Sifuentes has some interesting ideas and Salman is the incumbent.
Corporation Commission Lea Marquez Peterson, Bill Mundell, Anna Tovar, Jim O’Connor, Eric Sloan, Shea Stanfield Lea Marquez Peterson, Bill Mundell, Anna Tovar AZ Central summary

The Debate
Peterson is the only incumbent and seems non-ideological Bill Mundell and Ann Tover both have relevant experience. Jim O’Connor is far too ideological conservative, Eric Sloan seems compromised, and Shea Stanfield seems a bit disconnected.
County Board of Supervisors District 1 Jack Sellers, Jevin Hodge Jevin Hodge Liberal Blog Perspective

AZ Central overview
Sellers seems like the more experienced candidate, however the board of Supervisors is weighted heavily toward Republicans. Going with the young guy for a bit of balance.
County Assessor Eddie Cook, Aaron Connor Aaron Connor AZ Central Summary Aaron Connor has more relevant experience. Eddie Cook seems more politically bent.
County Attorney Allister Adel,
Julie Gunnigle
Julie Gunnigle Debate

The Gaggle Analysis on the candidates
Both candidates seem pretty good, but we need serious reform, Gunnigle is the better pick.
Country Recorder Adrian Fontes, Stephen Richer Adrian Fontes AZ Central Summary Fontes had some early-term missteps that seem to have been (hopefully) mostly corrected. Richer is an interesting candidate, but I’m not sure his criticisms of Fontes are fair or non-partisan.
Country School Superintendent Steve Watson, Jeanne Casteen Jeane Casteen Liberal blog’s perspective Both candidates seem good, tie goes to the Democrat
Sheriff Paul Penzone, Jerry Sheridan Paul Penzone The debate Jerry Sheridan worked for Joe Arpiro, I don’t have a reason to vote against the incument.
Maricopa County Treasurer John Allen, Daniel Toporek John Allen AZ Central overview

AZ Central Overview
Allen’s experience seems more relevant to the position.
Constable Kyrene Ben Halloran Ben Halloran Running unopposed
Maricopa County Special Healthcare District Mary Harden, John Farnsworth Mary Harden AZ Central Overview Harden is a registered nurse, Farnsworth isn’t (she’s also the incumbent).

Blog On the race
Proposition 449 Yes The case for yes Its a continuation of a tax that pays for public health.
Maricopa County Community College District At-Large Shelli Richardson Boggs, Linda M. Thor Linda Thor AZ Central overview An entire career working with junior colleges, seeking her second term.
Maricopa County Community College District 1 Jacqeline Smith, Laurin Hendrix Jacqeline Smith Same link as above Hendrix is a politician, Smith works in education at ASU
Tempe Union No. 213 Lori Bastian, Don Fletcher, Berdetta Hodge, Sarah Lindsay James, Sandy Lowe, Armando Montero, Michael Myrick, Paige Reesor Sarah Lindsay James, Paige Reesor, Sandy Lowe Ahwatukee Overview My wife tells me Sarah Lindsay Page is fantastic, Paige Reesor is the only other teacher in the running and Sandy Lowe is the incumbent. I’m intrigued by Armando Montero, but the other’s bio’s fall short for me.
Tempe Elem No 3 Monica Trejo, Allison Ewers Running Unopposed
City of Tempe Question 1 2, 3, 4 Yes on all of them. Information on the City of Tempe’s website I’m an automatic yes for bonds to fund infrastructure.
Judges Judicial Review

AZ Republic Opinion
Legalization of recreational marijuana: Proposition 207 N/A No The Reason website takes a stab on recreational marijuana I’m sympathetic to it, but the negatives outweigh the positives in my opinion.
Proposition 208 N/A Yes The Case for No

Laurie Roberts case for yes

Robert Robb’s case for no