The 2022 Year In Review

2022 has honestly been a challenging year. There’s been changes, some close calls on some big changes and plenty of continued uncertainty. Rebecca, our youngest, made a significant transition from a homeschooling do it all, to a full time student at Tempe Prep for her 6th grade year. She’s doing well academically but still struggling to find her place in a school full of people she doesn’t know. Luckily, her older sister still attends, starting her 8th grade year. Hannah is well-entrenched with really close friends and participating along with Rebecca in choir and soccer. She is also aiming for a part in her school play. Joshua started his senior year at McClintock High and found he had some room in his schedule to load up on music. He continues participation in his school orchestra but also joined two school choirs as well as a choir at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and continues to participate in the Phoenix Boys Choir. He’s also busy applying for colleges and will likely attend Arizona State next year but not to study music. He’s getting all of that out of his system now. Lizzie began her second year as a voice major at Snow College in Utah, continues to write her own music but still doesn’t really what she wants to do when she grows up. Sara, now she’s no longer homeschooling, was recruited to help out in various capacities at Tempe Prep, including directing the junior high choir. She’s also still our ward’s primary president and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I’m still holding on at PayPal and praying for steadiness as we manage our way through a difficult macro-economic environment. Through it all, we are enjoying each other. Most of all we wish you all a Merry Christmas.