2016 Elections

My sample ballot

Up For Vote My Vote Arizona Republic’s Choice Commentary Debate
US President Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton The Arizona Republic gives a nice summary on why they support Hillary Clinton. This reflects my basic feelings as well. I refuse to give you the actual link, enjoy this parody instead.
US Senator Ann Kirkpatrick John McCain John McCain is old, 80. He still seems in good health and engaged, working hard. Kirkpatrick is probably too liberal to represent the state. I’m concerned that McCain will be effective the entire 6 year term.
Kirkpatrick is certainly credentialed and experienced, though she wasn’t great in the debate.
John McCain has just recently said he’ll forever fillibuster a democrats supreme court nominees – for that alone he should go.
Arizona Senate Debate
US Congressional District #9 Kyrsten Sinema Kyrsten Sinema The AZ Republic hasn’t officially endorsed this race yet – at least I can’t find it. But the Republican field is weak and they haven’t really seriously contended for this seat in a while. Meanwhile Sinema is a force who has moderated her political views over the years. Basically a no brainer.
State Senate District LD26 Juan Mendez Unopposed
State House District LD26 Isela Blanc, Athena Salman Unknown There is one very young Republican contender with very little information to be found about him. Our state legislature needs all the democrats they can get.
AZ Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns, Tom Chabin, Bill Mundell Haven’t found it Watching the debate and reading commentary, this election comes down to conflict of interest and transparency issues. A lot is at stake right now in terms of energy innovation and transformation toward renewables. The traditional utility companies have a state regulated monopoly and the corporation commission is the regulated body to keep them in check. We have opportunities to supply energy in a distribute manner. Networked solar panels on everyone’s house among other solutions. I trust the Democrats here (and Bob Burns). Corporation Commission
Board of Superverisors Denny Barney Negative Op Ed on Denny Barney 

Candidate Survey

A Nice Summary

Matthew Cerra seems to be token opposition with very limited political or work experience. The encumbent deserves to stay. An easy decision.
County Assessor Paul Peterson Unnopposed
Maricopa County Attorney Leaning Diego Rodriguez Unknown Bill Montgomery is an improvement over his predecessor, he’s really conservative and has some black marks. Diego Rodriguez is formidable and an outspoken critic. Still researching.
A decent summary of what’s at stake is here.
County Recorder Adrian Fontes All the ways Hellen Purcell has mucked up recent elections, she needs to be replaced.
County School Superintendent  Leaning Michelle Robertson Nice Summary of the Candidates Both candidates seem equally credentialed and qualified. Michelle Robertson is the democrat whose views align a bit more closely with mine. I could be talked out of her with more information though.
Sheriff Paul Penzone Paul Penzone Please, please, please finally replace Sherrif Joe.
County Treasurer Leaning Joe Downs Just one Op-Ed so far   Need more information. Royce Flora is the more experienced and was selected by the previous treasure to take his place. He is perhaps too ideological in ways I don’t like to earn my vote.
Central AZ Water Conservation District Jim Holway,

Alexandra Arboleda,

Rick Heumann,

Ben Graff

 Frank Fairbanks, Jim Holway,Alexandra Arboleda, Ben Graff, Rick Heumann Rory Van Poucke is out, he’s a golf course manager which is not the experience I want in this position.
Frank Fairbanks is out.
Jennifer Brown is out – nothing much out there on her, and non-relevant experience.
Thomas Galvin seems too driven by ideology for my taste for this position.Can’t bring myself to vote for anyone in the Republican slate… They all seemed decent, but seem too ideological in ways I don’t support.
Maricopa County Special Health Care District 1  Jana Granillo Maybe not Mary Harden though this may not be accurate, she is endorsed by AZ Nurses and is a RN herself.
Jana Granillo’s endorsement by Planned Parenthood.
I can find very little about Saman Golestan, but his experience does not seem relevant to this position.
Maricopa County Community College At-Large Linda Thor Linda Thor seems perfect for this position.

“Thor has worked in community colleges for 40 years and served as president of the Rio Salado Community College for 20 years. She thinks the community colleges could do a better job of targeting returning students.”

Maricopa County Community College District 1 Moses Sanchez Most qualified of the group:
“Moses Sanchez is a current member of the of Tempe Union High School District Governing Board. If elected he said he would bring the insight he’s gained from teaching at the South Mountain Community College.”
The others have really no real experience.
High School Governing Board Member Tempe Union No. 213 Michelle Helm,

Berdetta Hodge,
Sandy Lowe



Good summary of the candidates
Sale, Lease or Exchange of Real Property for Tempe Union High School Yes
School Governing Board Member Tempe Elem 3 Evan Rogers,

Rochelle Wells,

Teresa Devine

 Sticking with the incumbents.
Justices and Judges Yes for everyone except Jo Lynn Gentry  Using this to vote
Proposition 205 No No My church has come out against this proposition. I don’t like the way we’ve prosecuted marijuana crimes in the past, but I think we’ve eased up and could and should ease up more. But there’s other options than decriminalization and those options should be pursued instead.
Proposition 206 Yes  No We haven’t raised the minimum wage in a looong time. A lot of low-wage work is being automated out of existence and more will be done the further in the future we go. I sympathize with low-skilled teen-age kids getting less than minimum wage, but these aren’t jobs that really enhance skill. I think a living wage is more important than a bad non-livable wage job for everyone.

On the whole, I think our economy can afford to pay those on the bottom a little more.

Tempe City Bonds Yes